A little bit about who I am and what I do

Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Zach. I’m a freelance Tucson web designer. I have a beautiful four-year-old boy named Damon. We play super heroes and trucks, dig in the sand, play ball, read books, take walks, goof around and just have a good time in everything we do.


In May of 2007 I graduated from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management with a degree in Business. While there I excelled in business communication, was selected as a preceptor and led a team of my peers to win the Annual Business Plan Competition.

Web Design and Development

I have been passionate about developing websites for more than a decade. I thoroughly enjoy taking my clients’ ideas and needs and building them websites that are not only functional and effective but unique and beautiful as well. I truly love my work, and feel the quality of the websites I build reflects this.


I approach every project with two key considerations: communication and quality.  I don’t mean this in a sort of altruistic “I’m a perfect person and I’m going to do the best job ever” sort of way, but rather, that communicating and focusing on quality (and purpose) can help us both get the most out of our interaction.


Communication is essential in all relationships, and ours is no different.  I listen to my clients, do my best to understand (and help them figure out) what they need, and make it clear what I will provide and for what price.  My goal is to remove the ambiguity from the process so that there are no surprises, for either of us, and we end up happy with the exchange.


I might make more money by haphazardly throwing together code or graphics, but in the long run I’ll develop poor practices, my portfolio won’t look great, and I won’t have as many satisfied clients.  I turn down some projects, and make it clear when I can’t provide what a prospective client is looking for, so that the work I do take on will be high quality.